NHS Induction 2014-15

The National Honor Society, a United States organization, founded in 1921, serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in several areas. NHS was formed to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. The National Honor Society challenges students to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. The American School of Ulaanbaatar was accepted into this prestigious organization in 2013. Including the members at ASU, there are more than 1 million students involved in NHS all over the world.

ASU held its third induction ceremony on the 15th of January, 2015. Through this honorable event, eight new members were officially inducted into the National Honor Society after a long application process. These members exhibit outstanding scholarship, character, service, and leadership attributes.

The induction ceremony started with the arrival of the parents, teachers, new inductees, and old members of the National Honor Society. Mr. Mallory opened the ceremony with a speech and was followed by several other teachers. The ceremony consisted of several thought provoking speeches about each of the four pillars.  As they spoke, the old members, Ariunzaya, Taivanbat, and Udval, lit five candles, four for the each sections of NHS, scholarship, service, leadership and character and the fifth candle, for the eternal flame of the National Honor Society. The new members each lit a personal candle to signify their commitment to the eternal flame that is the National Honor Society. The new inductees include Anar (12), Bolor (12), Ju-Yong (12), Tergel (12), Jenette (11), Pandu (11), Enkh-Ariun (10), and Yumchigmaa (10).

Once the ceremony was over, the congregation was invited for delicious snacks and refreshments provided by our school cafeteria. The repast gave the new inductees and their proud parents a chance for pictures and questions about the prestige organization.

With the new inductees, the National Honor Society has been able to do more projects. A month after the induction ceremony, NHS was able to run another successful food drive. With the help of our amazing elementary and secondary schools the National Honor Society received enough food to fill over 100 bags for families in The Dump. We look forward to our Spring Project that will start sometime in April.

Re-Registration for School Year 2015-2016

Our re-registration for the 2015-2016 school year is now taking place.  Please contact our Student Services Office to register your child.  The new Tuition Fee Structure contains updates to the tuition and some of the related policies. The deadline for re-registration fee of 2,000,000 MNT is March 27.

Please click here for the 2015-2016 Tuition Fee Structure and additional information for the Elementary School. For Secondary School 2015-2016 Tuition Fee Structure and additional information for the Secondary School, please click here.

2015-2016 оны хичээлийн жилийн бүртгэл эхэлж байна. Бага сургуулийн 2015-2016 оны хичээлийн жилийн сургалтын төлбөрийн бүтэц болон холбогдох журмыг хавсралтаар явууллаа. Суудлын баталгаа болох  2,000,000 төгрөгийг 3-р сарын 27-ны дотор төлсөн байх шаардлагатай. Энэ талаар дэлгэрэнгүй мэдээлэл авахыг хүсвэл сургалтын албанд хандана уу.

Teamwork Leads to Another Successful International Day

On Tuesday, February 17, the Elementary school celebrated International Day. This was a chance for all teachers, parents and students to celebrate their culture and to share it with others. There were a number of stalls for various countries such as Germany, Russia, India, South Korea and the Philippines, packed with delicious traditional foods, cultural artifacts and interesting information. Some stalls even had games where students could win prizes for their knowledge about the country. A large Mongolian section was also present, which involved the grade 3 to 5 students giving presentations on the various aspects of Mongolian culture. Much fun was had by all, and everyone learned something new on this very exciting day. Many thanks to all the parents who volunteered for International Day.

Food Drive Generosity Brings Better Tsagaan Sar Holiday to Many Families

The ASU 2015 Food Drive was a great success!  From February 2 – 13, the number of food goods grew as students brought them in.  It was wonderful to see so many families participating in this effort.  The National Honor Society was responsible to bag the 1400 non-perishable goods and to buy Heviin Boov with the 580,890 MNT that was donated.  The “Hariltsaani Hugjil” NGO which operates a kindergarten and vocational school to assist the community, and the “Veloo Foundation” which works with families near the “Red Peak”, helped to coordinate the distribution of food to the families that needed it most.  On February 14, Ms. Khaliunna, Ms. Berger and the NHS students delivered the food, had a tour of the kindergarten and school, and even visited some homes.

This activity had a great impact on the students involved. “I learned many things I didn’t know before; including different living standards in different parts of UB.  I felt very lucky and began appreciating what I already have.” (Enkh-Ariun M.)  “It felt right to donate the food, and when we visited one of the families receiving our food, we could not help but feel the need to donate more.” (Taivanbat B.)

Thank you to all the parents, students, teachers and staff who contributed to making this Tsagaan Sar a wonderful one for many underprivileged families!

Elementary Students Showcase Abilities in ASU’s Got Talent

The elementary school held the annual show, ASU’s Got Talent, on February 12, showcasing the variety of talent among our young students.  The selection process began a month earlier, when more than 70 students auditioned.  The talent show committee narrowed it down to only 21 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 5, who were chosen to perform for the crowd of peers, parents and school staff.  The audience was also treated to group performances by each of the Grade 3 classes during intermission.