ASU Offers Use of Sports Facilities

ASU is offering free access to the soccer field and secondary school sports courts during the summer break.  Use of the facilities will be at the users own risk, and ASU will not be liable for any loss or injury.  Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

ASU Summer Camp


Are you looking for an opportunity for your kids to have fun, learn about Science, improve English and reading skills, and make new friends? ASU Summer Camp is the place! We are offering an English Camp for ages 6 – 12 at ASU Elementary School from June 22 – July 10. The camp runs from Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Your children will be involved in many different kinds of activities such as stories, games, science experiments, cooking, hiking, and art. The cost of the program is 500.000 tugrugs. We are anticipating a great time with your children! Contact Ari at Student Services for more information.

Joanne Effa, ESL Coordinator

ASU in the University of Waterloo Math Contests 2015

Almost two months ago, we held a math competition for students from 9th through 12th grade. We were very happy to have participants from our school represent each grade level. We have recently received the results and would like to recognize some of our top scorers. In the 9th through 11th grade contests, there were more than 16000 participants worldwide. Out of these, one of our students earned a school champion medal for her high score in the Fryer Contest. This medal was awarded to Isabela Gomez from 9th grade. We also have one student who earned a school champion medal for his high score and a certificate of distinction for scoring in the top 25% of all participants who took the Galois Contest. This medal and certificate were awarded to Donggun (Danny) Lee from 10th grade. Lastly, we have a student who received a school champion medal for his top score on the Euclid contest. The recipient for this is Enkhtuvshin Doyodkhuu from 12th grade. We had several students who scored above average on these contests, but only the top scorer is eligible to receive a medal. All of these contests were very challenging and we are proud of all students who participated.

Secondary School Mathematics Department

Pre-Calculus Course To Be Offered at ASU

The American School of Ulaanbaatar is offering a Summer Mathematics Course (Pre-Calculus Course) for ASU grade 10th and 11th grade students and Non-ASU students for grade 11. The program runs from June 22 to July 10, 2015. Students can take this course to prepare themselves for AP Calculus AB course or to enhance their mathematics skills and challenge themselves over the summer. The registration is open until June 18th, 2015.

Please contact Ms. Khaliunaa at for inquiries.

Young and… Younger Study Chemistry

Since the kindergarten and Science 10 classes were both working on a Chemistry unit during the same period of time, it was decided that the two classes could work collaboratively and learn the basics of acids and bases while using the high school equipment. And what a great opportunity for young children to dress in lab coat and to wear goggles. They looked like real scientists.

The Science lab could not fit both classes at the same time, half would go to  the lab and work on the experiment while the other half would stay in the classroom and work on a poster, “What is Science?” Then the group in the lab would come to the classroom and the group in the classroom would go to the lab.