Special Announcement for the Upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-Teacher conferences scheduled for February 5th, 2016 are for Elementary School Students only. Secondary School students will be in regular session on that day. Secondary School teachers will be contacting parents for appointments to discuss individual student progress as necessary, after the Tsagaan Sar Holiday. As always should you wish to make an appointment to discuss your child’s education please contact teachers directly through email or by making an appointment through the Student Services Office.

Secondary Spring Term ECAs

Extracurricular activities will begin on February 22, and the secondary teachers have developed an improved program of extracurricular activities for the spring term, focusing on the traditional after-school time of Monday and Wednesday after school.  We are delivering the new program electronically; you can access the presentation and sign up via the following links:

Middle School Activities

Middle School Sign-Up

High School Activities

High School Sign-Up

Homeroom teachers will be showing the presentations to their classes, and all students should receive it through their ASU email account.  If students plan to stay after school they need to sign up for an activity.  Students will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis; complete the survey as soon as possible to guarantee your choices!

Mathematics ESSOs Friday

Each department at our secondary school organizes an ESSOs Friday at the end of each month. Last Friday, the Mathematics Department, with the support of the Science Department, conducted an ESSOs Friday, and students and teachers engaged in several activities.

Our middle school students played Battleship on coordinate grids, made cubes and did related math problems, and made hexaflexagons.

Our high school students worked on a cryptography activity where they had to decode secret messages using matrix operations on graphing calculators. They also participated in a graphical design activity where they used software to graph various shapes and appreciated the use of various functions.

Our science teachers Mr.Meharg and Ms.Berger held stations where students engaged in activities that were related to math and science.

We also had student facilitators that either ran or helped run stations, and our students did a great job with teaching their fellow secondary students.

Overall, our ESSO activities encouraged our students to actively participate in their education, to problem-solve and think critically, to communicate with others, and to be involved citizens who show interest and concern for their community.​

NHS Induction Ceremony 2015-2016

The National Honor Society, a United States organization that was founded in 1921, serves to honor students who have demonstrated excellence in several areas. NHS was formed to create enthusiasm for scholarship; to stimulate a desire to render service; to promote leadership; and to develop character in the students of secondary schools. The National Honor Society challenges students to develop further through active involvement in school activities and community service. The American School of Ulaanbaatar was accepted into this prestigious organization in 2013. Including the members at ASU, there are more than 1 million students involved in NHS all around the world. ASU held its fourth induction ceremony on the 16th of November, 2015. Through this honorable event, five new members were officially inducted into the National Honor Society after a long application process. These members exhibit outstanding scholarship, character, service, and leadership attributes. The induction ceremony started with the arrival of the parents, teachers, new inductees, and old members of the National Honor Society. Mrs. Ellis opened the ceremony with a speech and was followed by several other teachers. The ceremony consisted of several thought provoking speeches about each of the four pillars. As they spoke, the old members, Jenette, Enkh-Ariun, and Yumchigma, lit five candles, four for each section of NHS, scholarship, service, leadership and character and the fifth candle, for the eternal flame of the National Honor Society. The new members each lit a personal candle to signify their commitment to the eternal flame that is the National Honor Society. The new inductees include Uuriintuya Enkhbold (12), Malachi Liberda(11), Danny Lee(11), Max Dekle(11), and Maral Ariunbayar (10). Once the ceremony was over, the congregation was invited for delicious snacks and refreshments provided by our school cafeteria. The repast gave the new inductees and their proud parents a chance for pictures and questions about the prestigious organization. With the new inductees, the National Honor Society has had an easier time with project management and help. Soon after the induction ceremony, NHS was able to run a successful Clothing Drive! With the help of our amazing elementary and secondary schools the National Honor Society received many boxes filled with clothes along with a box of books for the children at the Erdem Center. We look forward to our Winter Project that we will be starting soon.

Secondary School Winter Concert

ASU’s Secondary School warmed the cold evening air of Thursday, December 10th with the vocal and instrumental performances of students from Grade 6 to Grade 12 Music classes. Over 100 students were involved including the musicians, stage crew, and publicity team. Musical repertoire was drawn from cultures and genres all over the world.

The concert’s first half featured ASU’s Grade 6 Choir and Recorder Consorts, followed by the Grade 7 Beginning Strings class. The Grade 9-12 Intermediate Concert Band then ignited the audience with classical and pop repertoire, showing off a student conductor and both classical and jazz soloists. The final number created an impressive body of sound combining the efforts of Grade 7 and Grades 9-12 into a full orchestra.

After the intermission, Grade 6 Recorder Consorts and Grade 7-8 Beginning Band got into the spirit with some holiday selections. Next, a small ensemble from Grade 9 performed, and ASU’s one-of-a-kind A Capella Group rounded out the concert with four original arrangements of seasonal and pop songs. The grand finale featured all music students singing and playing “Dona Nobis Pacem” or “grant us peace,” ending the 2015 Winter Concert on both a topical and heart-warming note. Many thanks go out to all students, staff and parents who worked to make it all possible.