Secondary School PTG Meeting

This Wednesday at 6:30pm in the cloakroom we will hold our third monthly PTG meeting to which you are all cordially invited. This meeting is for ALL parents and guardians who have students enrolled in grades 6 – 12 at ASU and we hope you will join us for it. The topic under discussion will be our Expected School-wide Student Outcomes (ESSO’s)

Dr. Sutton Jones

Elementary School PTG Meeting

Please join us for our monthly ES Parent-Teacher Group meeting on Wednesday, November 25 at 4:30 p.m. in our Atrium. The agenda will include the following:

– A presentation on our Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports Program

– A follow-up to our Math discussion

– Art Auction

– Parent Survey feedback

Translation will be provided. Hope to see you.

School Administration


Хүндэт эцэг эхчүүд ээ,

Энэ сарын Багш, эцэг эхийн зөвлөлийн хурал 11-р сарын 25-ны Лхагва гарагийн 16.30 цагт Бага сургуулийн 1-р давхарт байрлах шилэн  танхимд болно. Хурлаар дараах асуудлуудыг хэлэлцэнэ. Үүнд:

–  Сурагчдад биеэ зөв авч явахыг үлгэрлэн хэвшүүлэх, тэднийг хөхүүлэн дэмжих, урамшуулах хөтөлбөр

–  Математикийн хичээлийн талаар

– Сурагчдын зурсан зургаар дуудлага худалдаа зохион байгуулах

– Эцэг эхчүүдээс сургуулийн талаар авсан сэтгэл ханамжийн судалгааны дүн зэрэг болно. 

Хурал нь орчуулгатай явагдах тул та бүхнийг өргөнөөр хүрэлцэн ирэхийг урьж байна. 

Сургуулийн Захиргаа

Secondary Art News

artsonia logoThe visual art program in grades 6-12 has made some exciting updates for the 2015-2016 school year.  Some parents are aware that we are now participating in Artsonia, an online art museum that showcases work by students from around the world.  Students may only participate with parent permission; if your child is enrolled in art, but their work is not shown, please contact Ms. Mutrux ( for more information. Click on the logo at the left to check out ASU’s online gallery.

ASU has also developed an in-school art space, the Lupine Gallery.  It is located on the second floor outside of the auditorium near the guidance counseling wing, and features space for works on paper as well as canvas and a new seating area.  Every art student will have their work showcased in the gallery at some point during the school year – make sure to check it out the next time you’re in the school!

imageimage (2)
image (1)
Finally, this year ASU will establish the first Mongolian chapter of the National Art Honor Society.  This is an organization that focuses on honoring art scholarship in high school students, and assists students to achieve their highest potential in all areas of the visual arts.  Candidacy is based on the following requirements:
Two credits of high school art
An average of 80% (first-class honors) in art classes
A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
10 hours of community service
Outstanding character
Dedication to developing as a visual artist
NAHS logoInvitations to apply are going out to students meeting the first three requirements this week, and they will have until Wednesday, November 18th to return their completed application.  In addition to documenting their community service hours and activities, students will need to write a statement explaining why art is important to them and the role it plays in their lives.  They will also need to ask two teachers who know them well to fill out a brief recommendation based on the expected school-wide student outcomes.

ESSO Friday

On Halloween Friday, the Social Studies department had the pleasure of hosting the October Spirit Day. We decided to do this in the form of a Trivia Quiz. The High School and Middle School were split up and put into groups of four according to their house color. By utilizing the ESSO’s of ASU by being Critical Thinkers, Academic Achievers, Involved Citizens and Effective Communicators they worked together to answer 7 rounds of questions from Scary Literature to Inspired by History. The students worked well together by listening intently and answering interesting facts about History and Halloween. It was a fun afternoon had by all.

Grade 5 Camp 2015

Our ASU 5th graders and teachers had an overnight ger camp trip October 15th-16th. Here’s a brief summary of their awesome experiences:

Camp kicked off with the bus trip to Terelj! We were all very excited and anxious to go, further fueled by our snacks and electronic games. After a few, “Are we there yet?”, we arrived at Terelj Lodge and handed in phones, unpacked the bus, and set off to our gers.

After our picnic lunch, we set off on a hike with Ms. Geshel and Ms. Ari, while Ms. Parkerson, Ms. Moran and Mr. Kurtzweg hid the items for the scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt set everyone in teams off in all directions, searching for random items that matched our clues. These items found were then used to create skits, concerning the month’s character trait, ‘caring’, after a delicious and ‘fancy’ dinner. We then gathered around a huge campfire and told our collaborated ghost stories. Afterwards, we roasted marshmallows on sticks collected on our hike, and made delicious s’mores! This was definitely a favorite!

After our campfire session, we set off for our gers, to ‘call it a night’. Did we sleep? Nope! Too much excitement abuzz the campsite meant very late nights for everyone, as we were all having far too much fun to go to sleep!

The next morning, we packed up our gers and had a fantastic buffet breakfast. We played some games and then headed back to school for a well-earned break! Most of us listened to music or took a little nap on the bus ride back, since we were so tired!

Grade 5 Camp 2015 was great fun! With great accommodation and food at Terelj Lodge, scavenger hunts, hikes, games, picnics, camp fire stories, roasting marshmallows and making s’mores, we all had a fantastic experience!